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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Growing a Java Fern - Just add water

The beginning aquascapist is usually overzealous in the maintenance of their tank. As the experienced grower knows, things definitely take time. Patience is a must where changes to the aquarium often take weeks or months to come to fruition.

That being said I was pleased to see three new sprouts from my Java Fern plantings. After doing some reading, (yeah after the fact) I found out it is one of the most resilient plants you can work with in your aquarium. I'm now just waiting for it to get a good hold of the driftwood and begin to do its thing.

The other sproutings came up from the gravel where I had stuck some into the substrate. I know your supposed to tie it up to something, but hey it seems to be doing well enough for now. Maybe I'll end up with something like this. One can only hope. If your in the market to find an easy growing aquatic plant definitely give the Java Fern a try.