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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Unwanted Hitchhikers

Some time ago I picked up some supplies at my local fish store. Unbeknownest to me there was an additional treat that came along with the plants I had bought. At first one snail appeared out of nowhere, then two. I didn't mind since they were actually helping to keep the fish tank nice and tidy. Then after about a week the snails began to multiply like gremlins in a swimming pool. My tank was soon overrun with tiny, midsize, and a few larger snails everywhere. I tried removing a few every few days, but they kept breeding like rabbits.

Soon thereafter I began to scour the net for some help. I was growing aquatic plants so I refrained from using any type of snail removing chemical that might upset the balance of the tank. After much reading I had found that several fish consider snails fine dining. I soon went off to purchase my new zebra loaches, three to be exact.

The very next day I peered over the edge of the opened lid to find not a single snail still alive. The three loaches had completely cleaned the tank leaving only the empty shells behind. So if you find yourself with a few unwanted hitchhikers go pickup a few zebra loaches. They will be your friends.